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Student Resource Package — Equity Funding (Student Based Funding)

Special School Transport Administration (Reference 25)

A Special School Transport Administration allocation is provided in recognition of the arrangements required to manage transport arrangements in consultation with bus contractors and parents.


  • Special Schools*
  • Autistic Schools

Funding is calculated for each of the 4 school terms, funding is allocated through cash funding.


Funding is calculated based on enrolment ranges provided in the rates section below.

Example a school with 27 enrolments would fall into the 26 to 50 enrolment range.

Rates — 2021

  • Enrolment range 0 to 24: 2,638
  • Enrolment range 26 to 50: 3,301
  • Enrolment range 51+: 3,962

*Including primary, secondary and primary/secondary combined schools with a defined special school campus.

Reference 25 of the SRP Guide, providing information on special school transport administration funding including rates

Reviewed 05 August 2021

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