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Student Resource Package — Equity Funding (Student Based Funding)

Paramedical and Interpreter Staff Salaries (Reference 19)

Paramedical and Interpreter Staff funding is allocated to deaf facilities with secondary enrolments. The funding is inclusive of on costs (9.75% superannuation and 5.45% payroll tax), 1.35% leave loading, plus 1.5% for short-term relief costs.


Schools with the following campus types with secondary enrolments are eligible for Interpreter funding at campus level:

  • Deaf*

Funding is calculated at the Indicative, Confirmed and Revised cycles and schools are provided as credit funding

Calculation details

Funding is allocated based on enrolments and resourcing model for deaf facilities.

Deaf schools with secondary enrolments are funded at a rate of 1 EFT for every 6 enrolments.

For example: A school with 8 secondary enrolments will be funded for 8 secondary enrolments divided by .6 EFT = (8/6) = 1.33 EFT (rounded)

*Deaf campuses must be attached to a primary, secondary or primary/secondary combined school.

Reference 19 of the SRP Guide, setting out funding allocation for paramedical and interpreter staff salaries

Reviewed 05 August 2021

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