The SRP provides Equity Funding where additional funding is required to compensate for additional learning needs. These needs are categorised as:

Education State (including additional Gonski)

  • Equity (Social Disadvantage)
  • Equity (Catch Up)

Other Equity

  • Mobility

Programs for Students with Disabilities

  • Program for Students with Disabilities Levels 1-6
  • Program for Students with Disabilities — Transition Support Funding
  • Special School Complexity
  • Interpreter Staff Salaries
  • Medical Intervention Support
  • Special School Transport Administrative Cost

English as an Additional Language

  • EAL Program Funding
  • EAL Contingency Funding

Disability Inclusion

Applicable to schools in Bayside Peninsula, Barwon, Central Highlands, Inner Gippsland, Loddon Campaspe, Mallee, Outer Eastern Melbourne, Ovens Murray and Western Melbourne Areas, as well as 10 specified supported inclusion schoolsExternal Link in 2023:

  • Tier 2 school-level funding
  • Tier 3 student-level funding
  • Disability Inclusion Transition Funding
Overview and table of contents for the Guidance on SRP funds allocated for additional needs

Reviewed 08 January 2023

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