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Student Resource Package — Equity Funding (Student Based Funding)


The SRP provides Equity Funding where additional funding is required to compensate for additional learning needs. These needs are categorised as:

Education State (including additional Gonski) 

  • Equity (Social Disadvantage)
  • Equity (Catch Up)

Other Equity

  • Mobility

Programs for Students with Disabilities

  • Program for Students with Disabilities Levels 1-6
  • Program for Students with Disabilities — Transition Support Funding
  • Special School Complexity
  • Interpreter Staff Salaries
  • Medical Intervention Support
  • Special School Transport Administrative Cost

English as an Additional Language

  • EAL Program Funding
  • EAL Contingency Funding

Disability Inclusion

  • Tier 2 school-level funding
Overview and table of contents for the Guidance on SRP funds allocated for additional needs

Reviewed 05 August 2021

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