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Student Resource Package — Equity Funding (Student Based Funding)

Medical Intervention Support (Reference 20)

Medical Intervention Support (MIS) funding supports schools to engage appropriately trained staff to assist students who require regular, complex medical support at school.

MIS funding is available to support schools to put in place the necessary work arrangements for the delivery of specialised assistance to these students. This involves engagement of appropriately trained Education Support (ES) staff to undertake duties and responsibilities for delivering supporting procedures, consistent with Level 1, Range 2 of the ES Class.

The ES staff member must have undergone specific training to support the student’s medical needs. Training may be provided by an appropriate healthcare provider, or through the Schoolcare Program.


Schools with the following campus types are eligible for Medical Intervention funding at campus level:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Primary /Secondary Combined
  • Special.

Funding is calculated for each of the four school terms and is allocated through credit funding.

Rates — 2021

Rate per eligible student: $14,013

Medical Intervention Support is allocated on a pro rata basis according to applications received from schools and the enrolment of an eligible student.

In cases where the student transfers to another school, an application for Medical Intervention Support is required from the new school.

Further information

Medical Intervention Support guidelines are available at:

Reference 20 of the SRP Guide, providing information on medical intervention support funding including rates

Reviewed 05 August 2021

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