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School Administration Systems


The table below provides links to access Department systems and further information, such as user guides and manuals.

System name Guidance information and system access links  

Computerised Administrative System for Schools (CASES21) including eCASES

For further information and access to CASES21 and eCASES refer to the CASES21 Portal (login required).


Victorian Assessment Software System (VASS)

For further information and system requirements refer to Using the VASS on the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website.


English Online Interview (EOI)

For further information refer to English Online Interview or access the English Online Interview (login required). 


Student Activity Locator (SAL)

Access SAL (login required)


Health Activity Reporting Tool (HART)

For further information about connecting to HART, a link to HART and other information for users refer to the HART team page on the intranet (login required).


Student Online Case System (SOCS)

For general information, user manuals, FAQs and training refer to the SOCS intranet page (login required).

Access SOCS (login required).


Program Students with Disabilities Management System (PSDMS)

For more information on PSDMS including user guides and system support refer to the PSDMS intranet page (login required).

Access the PSDMS (login required).


Incident Reporting Information System (IRIS)

Access IRIS (login required).


Student Resource Package (SRP)

For further information about the SRP refer to the SRP — Overview PAL topic. 

Access the SRP (login required).


Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)

For more information about SPOT refer to the SPOT intranet page (login required).

Principals, school council presidents and nominated regional staff have automatic access to SPOT. Principals can also delegate access to other staff at their school.  Access SPOT (login required).

Targeted Funding Portal

Schools Targeted Funding Portal

Further information and access to the Schools Targeted Funding Portal


Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund.

For more information about the management of CSEF refer to the Camps, Sports and Excursions PAL page.

Access the CSEF system (login required).


School Maintenance System (SMS)

For further information about SMS refer to the School Maintenance System homepage (login required).

Access SMS (login required).


DET Clean

For more information regarding cleaning regional schools refer to the Cleaning PAL page.

Access DETclean (login required).



For more information on eduPay refer to the eduPay and eduPay Help PAL page

Access eduPay (login required).


Recruitment Online (ROL)

For more information on ROL refer to HR Web Recruitment Online.

Access ROL as a job seeker.

Access ROL as a recruiter.


School Local Payroll (SLP) within eduPay

For SLP tutorials, useful information and other links refer to the School Local Payroll intranet page (login required).

Where an additional employee requires access to SLP the Principal provides the required access through the Security Management pages for eduPay and ROL access.

Access the SLP through eduPay (login required).

eduSafe Plus

eduSafe Plus

For more information on reporting incidents and hazards on eduSafe Plus refer to Reporting and Managing School Incidents (including emergencies) in PAL.

Access eduSafe Plus (login required).


School Conveyance Allowance System (SCAS)

For more information about SCAS refer to the Resources tab of Conveyance Allowance Program in PAL.

Access SCAS (login required).

A listing of all system access links and related user guides and information for example CASES21, EduPay, SOCS, HART, SPOT, edusafe, SAL, IRIS, PSDMS, VASS and others

Reviewed 10 December 2020

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