Guidance for School Strategic Plans

A School Strategic Plan is a 4-year plan for school improvement, completed by schools after their school review. The plan is based on the key directions recommended by the school review panel and an analysis of school performance data and evidence conducted during the review.

The School Strategic Plan:

  • outlines the school's vision and values
  • sets goals and targets for improved student outcomes
  • lists the key improvement strategies that will help achieve these goals and targets
  • is sensitive to local needs

Preparing the School Strategic Plan

  • At the end of the school review process, the school review panel reflects on the outcomes of the review and develops the key directions for the new School Strategic Plan.

    These key directions inform the goals, targets and key improvement strategies for school performance for the next 4 years, captured in the strategic plan. These then inform annual implementation planning and staff performance and development plans from year-to-year.

  • After the school review is complete, schools should discuss the recommended directions with school staff and the wider school community. This will help generate ownership and support for the direction of the School Strategic Plan over the next 4 years. Discussions can also include a review of the school’s vision and values.

  • Schools can complete their School Strategic Plan in the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)External Link .

    After the school review report is endorsed by the senior education improvement leader (SEIL), a central office team enters the recommended goals, targets and key improvement strategies into the school strategic plan section of SPOT.

    SPOT guides you through the strategic planning process, and provides guidance, examples and resources to support you in completing the plan.

  • After your school has completed the School Strategic Plan, your SEIL will provide any feedback and endorse the plan. SPOT will then send an email to your school council president so they can endorse the plan on behalf of the school council.

  • Schools must complete their strategic plan in the term after their school review.

    The plan must be completed and endorsed before beginning their Annual Implementation Plan.

Guidance on preparing the School Strategic Plan

Reviewed 25 February 2021

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