Document the incident

Schools are required to document every incident of physical restraint or seclusion.

A record of the incident must be added to the Computerised Administrative System Environment for Schools (CASES21).

Records must be made as soon as possible following the incident and include:

  • the name of the student(s) and staff member(s) involved
  • date, time, and location of the incident
  • names of witnesses (staff and other students)
  • details of the incident of physical restraint or seclusion (a brief factual account)
  • any action taken to de-escalate the situation
  • the reason why physical restraint or seclusion was used
  • the duration of the physical restraint or seclusion
  • whether anyone sustained an injury
  • immediate post incident actions, such as first aid or contact with emergency services
  • details of any post-incident support provided or organised including contact with the student's parent/carer.

Documentation associated with any hazard or incident must be retained according to the Department’s Records Management — School Records Policy.

Guidance chapter on requirements for schools to document every incident of physical restraint or seclusion

Reviewed 25 July 2023

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