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Restraint and Seclusion in Victorian Government Schools eLearning Module, Code DET-828-1

This eLearning module introduces the Restraint and Seclusion Policy and aims to improve staff understanding of physical restraint and seclusion and their compliance with reporting requirements.

All corporate and schools staff, assigned an Employee ID in eduPay, can access the online learning module.

The estimated duration of the module is 20 minutes.

The eLearning module is not a substitute for reading the policy and it does not cover every variation of an incident.

Access the online learningExternal Link


  1. login to eduPay as usual
  2. in your ‘Self Service’ section, select ‘LearnED’
  3. go to ‘Find Learning’ to search the catalogue, to add learning to your plan, enrol or launch the Online Learning
  4. search for ‘restraint’ in the ‘Course Catalogue’.

Annual Arc Digital Hub professional development sessions

  • Free, virtual, multiple dates
  • The estimated duration of the sessions is 45 minutes
  • For Primary, Secondary, School Leaders, Middle Leaders, Graduate Teachers, Special, Special Developmental and Specialist Teachers
  • To register, visit ArcExternal Link and search ‘restraint’

Protective intervention training

Protective intervention training helps school staff to prevent and manage behaviours of concern while reducing the need for physical interventions; de-escalate situations involving aggressive or violent behaviour and ensure the health and safety of students and staff.

If a school considers student challenging behaviours to pose a risk to staff safety and are likely to need to use protective interventions during their work, the school should seek guidance and appropriate training to reduce risk where risk is foreseeable. Protective intervention training is one of the many department training options available to schools.

The department provides quality assured and department-funded protective intervention training through Therapeutic Engagement Support Services Association Inc (TESSA)External Link and Resolution EducationExternal Link .

There are 2 options for accessing protective intervention training at your school:

  • Download and submit an Expression of interest form (PDF)External Link to to receive funding from the department to cover the costs of training from TESSA or Resolution Education.
    • For assistance in filling out the form, your school can contact the central OHS Advisory Service at or call 1300 074 715.
    • Your school will be notified of the outcome of the EOI and will be contacted to confirm a booking.
  • Directly procure training from a training provider of your choice.
    • Your school does not need to use TESSA or Resolution Education to provide protective intervention training. Schools can directly procure training in line with the Procurement – Schools policy.
    • However, your school must cover the costs of this training and make sure the training provider used complies with department policies and guidelines, including the Restraint and Seclusion policy and guidance.
Guidance chapter on professional development available to schools to improve their understanding of physical restraint and seclusion

Reviewed 21 February 2024

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