Review or grievance

Provisional appointments to advertised principal vacancies are subject to review by the Merit Protection Boards where an ongoing employee in the teaching service is transferred or promoted to the vacancy. Unsuccessful applicants who are ongoing employees may seek a review of a selection decision. A review cannot be sought in respect of the selection of a person who was not an ongoing employee at the time of selection. The grounds for review are set out in section 2.4.54(2) of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and Ministerial Order 1006.

The Schools Recruitment Unit in the Department is responsible for the notification of provisional appointments in respect of principal positions.

The details of a provisional transfer or promotion, including the closing date for lodging a review, will be available from the day after applicants have been notified through the Recruitment Online system of the selection outcome. The details will be accessible through the provisional appointments page for 14 calendar days for all applicants to view and determine their eligibility to seek a review.

A transfer or promotion is confirmed when the Merit Protection Boards advises either that no review has been lodged or that any review has been resolved.

This chapter of the Principal Selection Guidelines contains information about when a review or grievance relating to a selection decision may be lodged

Reviewed 10 May 2020

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