All applications received by the closing date are to be considered by the selection panel. Applications should be lodged electronically through Recruitment Online by the advertised closing date. Applicants who are unable to access or use Recruitment Online may submit a written application (hard copy) which must reach the school no later than the advertised closing date.

Acknowledgement of the receipt of applications will be sent automatically to applicants who apply through Recruitment Online. Where applicants provide hard copy applications only, the selection panel chairperson is responsible for ensuring that a letter acknowledging receipt of the application is sent promptly. The applications and accompanying materials become the property of the selection panel and are not returnable to candidates.

Late applications may be accepted at the discretion of the panel chairperson with the agreement of the panel. Factors that may be considered include the reasons as to why the application is late and the number of applications already received.

Where a late application is accepted, the selection panel must keep a record of the reasons for acceptance. When an application is received after the closing date and rejected, the applicant is to be advised in writing that, as the application was received after the closing date, it will not be considered.

Consideration may be given to contracting a search firm to assist in the identification of quality applicants. Search firms offer a degree of specialisation because they are able to draw from their data banks a pool of potential applicants in a relatively short period of time and undertake searches for ‘hidden applicants’. This allows them to seek out potential applicants rather than waiting for them to emerge as a result of advertised positions. Confidentiality is assured through this process and is a major factor in the success of search firms in convincing candidates who already hold positions to make themselves available for other positions.

Unless otherwise approved, an applicant for a principal position is ineligible to be considered if that applicant is involved in the selection process for any principal position advertised at the same time.

This chapter of the Principal Selection Guidelines covers the process for submitting applications including late applications

Reviewed 10 May 2020

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