Offer of employment

Successful applicants for principal positions will be offered a contract of employment, prepared by the People Division.

Prior to making an offer of employment the Secretary (or delegate) must be satisfied that the person:

  • is a fit and proper person and is suitable for child-connected work,
  • has gained registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching,
  • meets the qualification requirements,
  • meets the medical requirements,
  • has not been the recipient of a Voluntary Departure Package in the past 3 years,
  • has no employment or re-employment restrictions placed on them, and
  • is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident in Australia under any law of the Commonwealth or entitled to permanent residency in Australia under any law of the Commonwealth, or will be resident in Victoria for sufficient periods to enable the person to undertake the duties of the ongoing position

Successful applicants who are not employed by the Department will need to provide the following information prior to an offer of employment being made:

  • the original or certified copy of qualifications,
  • original or certified copy of birth certificate, extract of birth entry, passport, certificate of naturalisation or certificate of citizenship,
  • evidence of current registration from the Victorian Institute of Teaching,
  • a health declaration,
  • evidence of citizenship or permanent residence status, and
  • proof of identity and name change, such as marriage certificate or deed poll, where an applicant’s name has changed since birth

Documents can only be certified by a person authorised to witness a statutory declaration and must be sighted prior to confirming employment.

Successful applicants who are not employed by the Department will be subject to a National Personal Insolvency Index search and an ASIC register of persons banned and disqualified check. These checks can be performed on the relevant organisation’s website. A preferred applicant who has previously been subject to bankruptcy proceedings will not necessarily be precluded from employment. The relevance of any information collected will be assessed strictly in relation to the requirements of the position applied for.

If the applicant is not an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a copy of the relevant pages from the applicant’s passport showing the stamp which confirms the right to permanent residence is required. The applicant’s name must appear on the copy. If the applicant is a British subject who migrated to Australia prior to 1974, evidence of residence in Australia prior to 1974 is required. New Zealand citizens are regarded as Australian citizens for employment purposes, but evidence of New Zealand citizenship is required. Further information about employment of overseas workers can be found on the Schools Policy and Advisory Library at visa requirements for the Employment and Sponsorship of Overseas Workers.

The Secretary (or delegate) must be satisfied that the selected applicant satisfies the qualification requirements of the position.

In relation to any prospective employee, a suitability check will be undertaken to confirm that the person does not have a current employment restriction. Interstate applicants will be checked using the National Check of Employment Status procedures. Where a prospective employee is in receipt of ill-health benefits, the service provider will be notified of the offer of employment.

Employment, promotion and transfer are subject to the recommended applicant receiving a satisfactory criminal records check (if applicable), accepting the offer and signing of the contract of employment.

An external applicant is not permitted to commence in the position until the contract of employment has been signed.

This chapter of the Principal Selection Guidelines contains information about the employment offer made to the successful applicant including certain requirements that must be met

Reviewed 09 December 2021

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