Advertising vacancies

In general, principal vacancies will be advertised on Recruitment OnlineExternal Link in the last week of each school term and remain open for not less than 4 weeks. Regional directors, however, have the discretion to advertise a particular principal vacancy at any time.

The Recruitment Online advertisement will include:

  • the school profile statement
  • the role and accountability statement
  • the selection criteria (both mandatory and the community criterion)

Where a position is advertised in anticipation of a principal’s resignation and the principal applies for that position before the principal’s resignation has taken effect (for example a resignation at age 54 and 11 months), the vacancy must be withdrawn and can only be re-advertised after the effective date of the principal’s resignation. Where the principal is an applicant for another position, the selection process may continue for that position. If the principal is the preferred applicant for the other position, the offer of employment should be delayed until after the principal’s resignation has taken effect.

This chapter of the Principal Selection Guidelines covers the process of advertising a principal position vacancy

Reviewed 10 May 2020

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