On receipt of the selection report from the school council, the Secretary (or delegate) will consider the recommendation made by the school council (or the selection panel where there is no school council) and either accept or reject the school council’s recommendation.

In the event the Secretary (or delegate) approves the recommended applicant, the school council president (or the selection panel chairperson where there is no school council) should contact the recommended applicant to confirm whether that person remains interested in accepting the position.

In the event that the Secretary (or delegate) does not approve the employment, transfer or promotion of a recommended applicant, the Secretary or delegate will advise the school council of their decision and the course of action which may include:

  • approving the employment, transfer or promotion of a person who was an applicant for the position but was not recommended by the school council or the committee as the case may be,
  • referring the school council’s or committee’s recommendation back to the school council or committee for further consideration, or
  • directing that the principal position be re-advertised

Notification to applicants

At the completion of the selection process, the successful and unsuccessful applicants are to be advised of the outcome of their application.

All applicants for a principal position may seek feedback on their application and, or performance from the selection panel. It is recommended that the selection panel agrees on a process for providing feedback to unsuccessful applicants prior to commencing the selection process. This may include nominating one panel member to manage requests for feedback. Selection panels should agree on the wording of such feedback prior to reporting to the school council.

Detailed feedback on the application and, or interview performance should not be provided until after the conclusion of the review process.

Individual selection report

The selection panel should ensure that an individual selection report is prepared for all shortlisted applicants. Shortlisted applicants may request a copy of their individual selection report from the chairperson of the selection panel once the selection decision has been announced.

Each report should contain the position title, the names of persons contacted for referee comment, comments relating to each of the selection criteria and the date of the preparation of the report.

Retention of selection documentation

All selection documentation, including copies of applications, interview notes, referee comments and selection reports, must be retained by the school for 2 years after confirmation of the selection decision. This material remains the confidential property of the school and may be destroyed 2 years after the confirmation date.

This chapter of the Principal Selection Guidelines covers the process for approving the decision of the selection panel, notification to applicants, individual selection reports and record keeping

Reviewed 10 May 2020

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