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Accessible Buildings Program

Hearing eligibility

The ABP supports students with hearing loss with the provision of eligible hearing technology.   Provisions are in place to support the high volume of hearing equipment applications and to ensure program resources are distributed for maximum student impact.

Confirming hearing loss

In order to confirm hearing loss, supporting evidence must be provided by a qualified audiologist and this should include official recommendations to support curriculum. The technology that is being applied for must be portable in order to support students as they progress through their schooling years, and be compatible with personal devices.

Eligible technology

Technology must not duplicate equipment provided by other Department programs, through the Commonwealth funded Australian Hearing program, or through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Hearing technology can be provided in primary classrooms or home rooms, specialist classrooms, and assembly or auditoriums.

Eligible learning areas

The required areas should be identified on a school map with relevant room numbers provided in the application.  It is expected that schools rationalise timetables and classrooms where possible, so that maximum use is made of the hearing technology equipment. Where this has not occurred, applications will not be considered.

Compatible technology

The application must include a description of the type and brands of the existing hearing technology or audio equipment within the school. Schools should indicate where compatibility is required with existing school technology. Mixing hearing technology brands is not recommended as transmitters and receivers must be of the same brand for compatibility with personal assistive listening devices or with existing technology within the school environment.

ABP application process

Step 1 — School submission

  • School to communicate with their Regional Office and collate application information/evidence
  • Lodgement in EduGate

Step 2  Regional endorsement

  • Initial referral to Regional Office for review
  • If endorsed, then referred to the VSBA’s Accessible Buildings Program Manager

Step 3  Assessment and recommendation for approval

  • Assessment of 'reasonable adjustment' and against ABP policy and relevant legislation
  • Confirmation of project scope
  • Full costing of project

Step 4  Announcement  by Minister of Education

  • The VSBA then submits endorsed applications to the Minister of Education for announcement (if required).

Step 5  Notification to school

  • When the application is approved the Accessible Buildings Program Manager will contact the school principal to notify them of next steps

Step 6  Project delivery

  • School deliver works — reimbursement arranged
  • Project management by ABP
  • Hearing — supply through approved hearing supply panel
Guidance chapter outlining the process for schools applying for hearing technology for students with hearing loss through the Accessible Buildings Program

Reviewed 28 May 2020

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