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Accessible Buildings Program

Application and approval process

The regional office provides support to schools throughout the application process, which includes ensuring all low and no cost options have been exhausted, and assisting the school in acquiring all necessary documentation. Applications are then submitted directly through the department’s eduGate portalExternal Link , using the school email account.


Applications can be made at any time. However, schools are strongly encouraged to submit their Accessible Building Program (ABP) applications before 30 September in order to meet Term 1 requirements for the following school year.

Information and documentation required for the application process

All applications

It is essential that all necessary documentation is uploaded with the application for assessment. If in doubt, schools can contact their regional provision and planning manager for support to identify and collate this information.

Documentation for ABP applications must include:

  • the completed application form (available via the eduGate portalExternal Link (school email required) with the endorsement of the principal
  • a signed professional report (for example, from an occupational therapist, audiologist or optometrist) and/or appropriate documentation to support the need for modifications
  • a written report from the visiting teacherExternal Link (if applicable)
  • quote/estimate for the works
  • a school asset management system (SAMS) report or school map indicating the rooms and/or locations for modification
  • details and locations of any existing accessible facilities that are similar to the application request (where applicable).

Hearing specific requirements

Hearing applications must:

  • include an audiogram or audiology report or a specialist report confirming hearing loss
  • identify the classroom, location and room number for the functional learning spaces that require hearing technology (this information can be located in the School Facilities Profile, under Reports and Plans, or in AIMS within the facilities management application, under school documents)
  • identify and describe any current hearing technology (if existing within the school) including pictures of any existing hearing or audio equipment to determine compatibility (for example, existing audio equipment within assembly or auditoriums)
  • demonstrate that appropriate timetabling of deaf or hard of hearing students into spaces with equipment already installed has been considered and implemented
  • include a letter of endorsement by a visiting teacher.

Once the application has been assessed against the eligibility criteria, schools are advised of the outcome of their ABP application.

ABP application process

This section sets out the full process for applications made under the ABP.

Step 1 – School submission

The school must:

  • communicate with their regional provision and planning manager and collate application information/documentation
  • lodge their application via the department’s eduGate portalExternal Link (school email required).

Step 2 – Regional endorsement

Once a school’s application is lodged via the eduGate portal, it is referred to the regional office for review. If endorsed, the application is then referred to the VSBA’s Accessible Buildings Program manager for assessment.

Step 3 – Assessment and recommendation for approval

The VSBA will assess the requested adjustment against the ABP policy and relevant legislation. The VSBA will then confirm the project scope, including a full costing of the project.

Step 4 – Announcement by Minister of Education

The VSBA then submits endorsed applications to the Minister of Education for announcement (if required).

Step 5 – Notification to school

When the application is approved, the Accessible Buildings Program manager will contact the principal to notify them of next steps

Step 6 – Project delivery

Following approval, the school may commence works with project management by the ABP. The VSBA will reimburse the school following completion of the works. Refer to the Project delivery chapter for more information.

  • Hearing – hearing grant.
Guidance chapter outlining what schools need to submit to apply for funding through the Accessible Buildings Program, including the process for hearing specific requirements

Reviewed 08 December 2022

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