School operations

Accessible Buildings Program

Assessment and approval

Administration and coordination

Role of the ABP Manager

Applications to the ABP are assessed on a case-by-case basis due to the varied nature of accessibility requirements for individual students, parents and staff members.

The ABP team assess applications in line with policy, and as part of this process, will confirm the project scope and cost. Applications that are endorsed in line with the policy, are then referred to the Minister’s Office for announcement.

Where applications are not approved, schools receive written advice from the ABP team which provides reasoning, and offers alternative support for schools to lead the project themselves.

Role of the Regional Provision and Planning team

Provision and Planning Officers (PPO) are the first point of contact for schools submitting applications, and provide guidance around the general requirements. PPOs endorse completed applications, which are then referred to the VSBA’s ABP team for assessment.

Role of Visiting Teachers

For hearing applications, Visiting Teachers provide specialist support to confirm the need of the student/school and provide endorsement letters.

Role of schools and Principals

Principals, with the VSBA’s support, ensure facilities are fit-for-purpose and maintained to an operational standard through funding under the Student Resource Package. Where an application does not meet the eligibility criteria for the ABP, schools should still consider alternative opportunities to make their buildings as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Guidance chapter on roles in assessing and approving applications for funding through the Accessible Buildings Program, including the roles of the Department, schools and principals

Reviewed 28 May 2020

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