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Accessible Buildings Program

Eligibility considerations

Under the program, the VSBA makes reasonable adjustments to functional areas that the student requires access to, and not to all areas of the school. These adjustments will be consistent with the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 (Cth).

The program ensures inclusion into the school environment and respects the dignity and privacy of each student for whom an application is made.

Eligible projects

The ABP provides funding for projects to:

  • make adjustments to facilities to make sure that students and staff with disabilities have reasonable access to school facilities whilst maintaining their dignity and respect
  • meet the needs of students and staff where accessibility issues occur as a result of existing disabilities, or as a result of accident or deteriorating conditions
  • make adjustments to the functional spaces that the student needs to access in order to meet their curriculum requirements

Eligible modifications

Facility modifications may include:

  • ramps and handrails (including temporary ramps)
  • toilet and shower modifications
  • modifications for vision impairments
  • modifications for hearing impairments
  • change tables and hoists
  • limited external works to improve access for the applicant


To ensure a sufficient processing timeframe, schools are strongly encouraged to submit their ABP applications before September 30, in order to meet Term 1 requirements of the following school year.  Applications can be made at any time.

Relevant standards and legislation

Works will be undertaken in accordance and consideration with the:

Guidance chapter on the types of projects and modifications that the Accessible Buildings Program provides funding for, including timeframes for schools when submitting applications for the program

Reviewed 28 May 2020

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