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The administration of government schools continues to be based upon the principle of self-management but with scope for cooperation with other schools.

This commitment to the principle of self-management in government schools enables a high degree of operational autonomy over human and financial resources at the school level. The accountability for the management of human and financial resources within a school rests with the principal within statewide legislative and policy guidelines.

Current staffing policy for Victorian government schools is designed to enable a school to more closely align its staffing profile to the educational needs of students. Schools are able to progressively build, or maintain, a staff team that can provide the best possible teaching and learning in the school. The key objective of staffing policy is to enable principals to select the best available staff (teaching and non-teaching) to best meet the educational needs of students.

Staffing policy also provides for cooperation between schools:

  • where employees work in more than 1 school either as a result of a targeted funded initiative or the employment arrangements of a particular employee
  • through a multi-school staffing model that enables 2 or more schools to temporarily transfer staff between the schools on an annual basis to better meet the education program needs of each school

For further information refer to the Staffing Cooperation Guide under the Policy and Guidelines tab.

Relevant legislation

Overview of guidance and resources for Department Working in More Than One School policy

Reviewed 24 March 2021

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15 June 2020


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