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Work Requirements — Teachers


Within the state-wide parameters set out in the Management of Teacher Work Guide (found in the Policy and Guidelines tab), each school has responsibility for determining the allocation of teacher work consistent with the requirements of the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022.

For comprehensive policy information concerning the management of teacher work, refer to the Management of Teacher Work Guide in the Resources tab which covers the following areas:

  • face-to-face teaching, including rostered classes and extras
  • the work directly related to the teaching and learning program of a teacher's class or classes (such as face-to-face teaching, planning, preparation, collaboration, and assessment)
  • other duties related to the operation and organisation of the school (such as meetings, student supervision, reporting, organisational duties, implementation of government education initiatives)
  • other factors including class size, curriculum mix, range of ability and age of students, demands and behaviours of those students, resources available and facilities
  • voluntary or discretionary effort, including school camps, concerts, excursions and after-school sport

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Work Requirements — Teachers Overview

Reviewed 24 November 2022

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30 August 2022


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