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Tutor Learning Initiative 2021


This policy outlines how schools can plan for and implement the Tutor Learning Initiative to support student learning in the 2021 school year.

Please note: Specific guidance to implement the Tutor Learning Initiative is provided on the Guidance tab.


The Tutor Learning Initiative is designed to support students whose learning has been disrupted as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Schools must only use their funding to engage tutors to provide targeted teaching to students identified as needing support.

The Initiative will be delivered in 2021 and commence in schools from Term 1.

Schools will be able to determine the most appropriate model of tutoring for their school and students, with support from regional staff and guided by the evidence, resources and professional learning developed by the Department.

The funding provided to schools must be spent during the 2021 calendar year. Funding will be provided through a Student Resource Package (SRP) credit allocation.

To identify and monitor the progress of students participating in the Initiative, schools can use their existing assessment data and students’ Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Tutors must be employed as either a VIT-registered teacher (or with Tutor Permission to Teach) or education support class employee where they are a pre-service teacher. Education support class tutors must be directly supervised by a teacher.

Guidance on tutor engagement, funding, student assessment and selection, and implementing small-group learning is provided on the Guidance tab.

Further resources to support student selection and to support schools to communicate with their school community about the Initiative are provided on the Resources tab.


Additional Student Achievement Managers (SAMs) will be appointed to support schools in the delivery of the Tutor Learning Initiative. While this new workforce is being set up, schools may contact their SEIL or email the tutor team at

In addition to their regional contacts, schools can direct queries about the initiative to the following Department contacts:

Department policy outlining how schools may engage tutor support through the Tutor Learning Initiative for the 2021 school year

Reviewed 21 December 2020

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21 December 2020


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