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The Department’s Risk Management Process for Schools guides decision-making to help schools effectively manage risk and prioritise school resources in the context of the school’s operating environment.

Use the Risk Management Process for Schools to identify, assess and review risk associated with:

  • activities where a mandatory risk assessment is required under legislation (emergency management, child safety, occupational health and safety, excursions including overseas travel, bus safety)
  • developing the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)
  • developing the School Strategic Plan (SSP)
  • school operations (such as lesson planning)
  • community events or activities that require approval by the school council, such as a school fete

DET School Risk Process flowchart

DET School Risk Process flowchart

1 Establish the context

  • The strategic context
  • The organisational context
  • The risk management context
  • Identify internal and external stakeholders

2 Risk identification

  • What are the causes?
  • What are the consequences?

3 Risk analysis

  • Determine existing controls
  • Determine consequence
  • Determine likelihood
  • Establish risk rating

4 Risk evaluation

Compare level of risk with risk acceptability criteria as defined in the Acceptability Chart

5 Risk treatment

Identify and implement treatment options including: Share/ Terminate/ Accept/ Reduce

6 Communication and consultation

With all relevant internal and external stakeholders, during all stages of the risk management process

7 Monitoring and review

As a planned part of the risk management process that takes place at intervals appropriate to the nature of the objective and the level of risk

Download DET School Risk Process flowchart
Guidance chapter providing a general overview of the risk management process for schools

Reviewed 26 May 2020

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