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Translation assignments

Translation services are normally available for schools only under the following categories of work. Word limits must be strictly adhered to.

  • key item for newsletter – 500 word maximum
  • notice – 750 word maximum
  • information on program/activity – 750 word maximum
  • learning support material – 1,000 word maximum
  • special school/integration student reports – 500 word maximum
  • individual learning plans – 500 words maximum.

Key items for newsletters should provide important information which is relevant to the whole school community.

Notices might include details of school enrolment, parent information meetings, consent forms and requests for parental support.

Information on program/activity might include details about whole school programs, learning support programs, student services or communication about individual students on areas such as careers, welfare or discipline.

Requests for the translation of documents which fall within the categories of approved translation assignments and which meet the word count limit set for each category will not require approval from the department. However, if there are concerns about a request meeting the guidelines, LanguageLoop will require approval from the department before accepting the translation request.

Schools are not able to access translation services to translate lengthy documents such as school charters and individual student reports. Schools will need to meet translation costs where services fall outside the translation guidelines.

The department does not provide for requests to translate documents relating to policy or services of other government departments. Schools should check with these departments to see if translations are available.

Translation services are not normally available outside the approved categories of work unless there are extenuating circumstances. Inquiries for such services should be directed to LanguageLoop (for contact details refer to Procedures for requesting translations at the following chapter of these guidelines).

Guidance chapter on translation services available to schools through the department funded translation service provider

Reviewed 12 October 2022

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