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Interpreting and Translation Services

Interpreting services – government schools

On-site and telephone interpreters are available for the following categories/assignments:

  • parent teacher interview
  • information dissemination
  • individual student support (for example, educational progress, integration, careers/pathways, welfare, discipline) – note:
    • the student year level must be recorded
  • student services assessments – note:
    • the nature of the assessment (for example, speech pathologist, psychologist, social worker, and visiting teacher) must be included in the booking
    • the student year level must be recorded
  • transition to primary and/or secondary school
  • student enrolment – note:
    • if enrolling more than one student from the same family, include year levels of all students being enrolled
    • the student year level/s must be recorded.

The above categories and notional times (60 minutes/90 minutes) do not require prior approval from the department.

Any requests not included in the categories listed above are classed as 'unusual situations' and require approval from the department. LanguageLoop is responsible for determining whether department approval is required and for working with the department to obtain this approval.

Note: Costs for interpreting and translation services for full fee paying overseas students are not met by the department. Costs for these students are to be met by the school.

Guidance chapter outlining the categories of school activities that meet the criteria for department funded interpreting and translation services

Reviewed 12 October 2022

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