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Interpreting and Translation Services

Procedures for requesting translations

A Translation request form (PDF)External Link must be completed and request made directly to VITS LanguageLoop via:

To ensure equity of access for all schools, the following procedures have been established.


Schools must prepare versions for translation of existing English language documents on A4 format, in running text, adhering to approved categories and word limits. In preparing the document the text should be written in plain English.

Note: Any costs incurred for special typesetting, layout requirements and words in excess of the established limits (see above) will have to be met by schools.

Emailing documents for translation

Documents for translation must be prepared in MS Word and emailed together with a Translation request form to or uploaded vial the client portal.


Where requests meet the requirements set out in these guidelines, VITS LanguageLoop will carry out the translation and return the translated file in PDF format.

Non-approval of translation requests

In cases where requests do not meet the requirement in these guidelines, the principal or contact person will be notified by VITS LanguageLoop or DE. In circumstances where the materials to be translated fall outside the guidelines, the costs will not be met by DE. Arrangements should be made directly with VITS LanguageLoop.


At least 10 business days are required between receipt of the request for the relevant translation and the provision of the service. However, in exceptional circumstances, and based on the urgency of the request, a shorter timeline may be approved subject to the availability of translators.

Record keeping

Schools must:

Guidance chapter on requesting translations through the department funded translation service provider

Reviewed 28 March 2024

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