Reporting or making a complaint

Employees can report or make a complaint about any incident of discrimination or harassment to their executive, manager, principal or seek advice from a Workplace Contact Officer.

The procedures for dealing with allegations of discrimination or harassment and possible consequences regarding any breach of this policy are dealt with in the Department’s Guidelines for Managing Complaints, Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Performance in the Teaching Service and Complaints — Information for Employees on the Schools Policy and Advisory Library.

The Department encourages its employees to use the internal complaints processes to resolve any complaints relating to discrimination or harassment.

The Department encourages any employee who believes they have been the victim of a criminal offence to report the incident to the Victoria Police as soon as possible, as well as reporting the matter to their manager or principal.

If a complaint of discrimination or harassment is made, observed or brought to the attention of an executive, principal or manager, it must be acted upon immediately and managed in a sensitive and confidential manner.

Where discrimination or harassment is found to be substantiated, the consequences for the person against whom the complaint is made will depend on the particular circumstances. The consequences may include an apology, counselling, undertaking training, or disciplinary action including termination of employment.

At any time, employees may also choose to take a complaint of discrimination or harassment to the following organisations:

Reporting or making a complaint for Equal Opportunity

Reviewed 03 April 2020

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