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Appendix 1 Victorian Public Sector Standard Model for collecting staff gender information

Collecting gender information

The disclosure of gender should include a self-described gender descriptor (which includes gender diverse and non-binary identities). Disclosure of such information should be voluntary and strictly protect privacy and confidentiality.

Where it is necessary to collect information on gender, an explanation must be provided as to why the information is being collected and how it will be used. Questions on gender should have the following format:

What is your gender?

  • woman
  • man
  • self-described (please specify)

All Victorian public sector agencies, including the Department, are required to publish the number of staff by gender in its annual reports, as a condition of the Financial Reporting Directions (FRDs).

Only 1 response should be permitted.

There is a large number of diverse gender identities including non-binary identities. As such, staff with a gender diverse or non-binary gender identities should be given the opportunity to specify their own gender in the free text field.

When reporting on gender information collected through this model, all free text responses can be reported on under a single ‘self-described’ category.

Collecting information about transgender status or intersex status

Information on a person’s transgender status or intersex status is sensitive. This information should only be collected if it:

  • is needed for a specific purpose, and
  • will be used to benefit transgender or intersex staff

If collecting this information, the purpose for doing so should be clearly communicated, and the information must only be used for this purpose. Questions about transgender or intersex status should be asked separately to any question about gender (not incorporated into those questions).

Transgender status is distinct from intersex status. If you are asking about both transgender status and intersex status, this information should be sought in 2 separate questions, allowing a respondent to identify both transgender and intersex status if applicable.

For queries about how to ask questions on transgender status or intersex status, contact the Equality Branch, Department of Premier and Cabinet at

Further information

For further information on terminology around gender identity and the use of inclusive language in workplaces, refer to the Victorian Government’s LGBTIQA+ inclusive language guide (html)External Link .

Appendix 1 Victorian Public Sector Standard Model for collecting staff gender information for Equal Opportunity — Employees

Reviewed 07 December 2023

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