Student learning needs

The needs of the EAL learner cohort across the school should be a primary consideration for developing a program.

Questions to be considered include:

  • What is the range of needs across the EAL learner cohort?
  • Which students need a specialised EAL program?
  • Which students could be adequately supported in mainstream classrooms?
  • Who will be targeted for a specialist EAL program?
  • Are any students preliterate or beginning readers and writers who need to become literate in English as well as develop language skills?
  • Do students need to develop ‘learning to learn’ skills or become familiar with classroom routines and behaviours?
  • Are there any students from a refugee background who may have significant pre-migration, migration or settlement issues impacting on their capacity to learn?
  • Have students encountered the technology used in the classroom before?
  • Does the school have adequate and appropriate resources for the learners, in terms of literacy, language and content level, as well as culturally appropriate content and imagery?
  • Does the school have resources in the students’ first or additional languages?
EAL student learning needs

Reviewed 21 February 2022

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