EAL program documentation

Schools are encouraged to develop an EAL program statement, to inform and guide the development of the most appropriate program for the EAL learners and the school context.

Schools may wish to involve their communities in developing their EAL program statement as a way of seeking their input into the program as well as informing them of how the school supports EAL learners and fosters an inclusive educational program for all students. Schools are particularly encouraged to seek input from EAL families (students, their parents and carers) into the EAL program statement.

A typical EAL program statement will include a rationale for the program, objectives, provision, and review arrangements.

The rationale could include information about the school’s EAL learner cohort and the support required to meet their language learning needs.

The objectives of the EAL program need to be clearly stated. The objectives must include learning objectives and assessment practices consistent with the Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL.

Other objectives may also include educational and community aims, such as meeting student welfare needs and maintaining students’ heritage or other additional languages.

The provision section of an EAL program statement will be developed as program arrangements are established, and could include:

  • the type/s of support or classes to be offered
  • timetabling
  • the eligible students
  • how the specialist aspects of the program will be staffed
  • how students will be supported in mainstream classes
  • roles and responsibilities of staff
  • transition policies or arrangements
  • strategies for engaging with parents and families of EAL learners
  • resources available
  • professional learning goals and plans.

An EAL program statement could also include a schedule for regular review and a commitment to evaluate the program, consistent with the evaluation of other learning areas and in line with school improvement processes.

EAL Regional Program Officers (RPOs) are available in each region to support Victorian government schools to develop and implement effective EAL programs and can support schools to develop an EAL program statement.

The EAL RPOs will be able to help identify appropriate steps to develop a program that suits the school context and needs of the particular EAL learner cohort.

To speak to an EAL RPO, contact:

EAL program documentation

Reviewed 05 May 2021

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