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Conveyance Allowance Program

Appeals and special case consideration

Making an application

Parents/carers wishing to apply for special case consideration or appeal a transport decision must make an application through their school using the following form: Transport special case consideration application form (DOCX)External Link .

Government schools who receive a written application from a parent/carer must:

Non-government schools must submit applications to the Student Transport Unit (STU) by emailing

To appeal or seek special case consideration, applications must be made by the dates set out below under ‘Application closure dates and panel sitting dates’.

When are special case applications considered

Special case applications will be considered by the CAU in the following circumstances:

  • a student has commenced the final year of the school they attend and changes residential address and is assessed as ineligible from the new address for conveyance
  • a student is the subject of a specific court order stipulating the student must continue their education at a particular location (copy of court order is required with the application)
  • a student has moved school for reasons of:
    • genuine concern for personal safety or for the safety of other students (documentation from the original school of enrolment and the student welfare coordinator will be required to support the special consideration; information will be also accepted from external welfare agencies)
    • consistent with the staged approach recommended in the Student Engagement policy and guidance, the school has developed flexible learning options for the student, which may include transfer of a student to another school setting (this does not include intercampus movements). This recommendation must be supported by the relevant regional director and the two principals of the schools involved in the student transfer.

CAU endeavours to complete its consideration of the application within the term in which it is made.

Transport special case consideration panel

In all other circumstances, or if the CAU determines that an application is particularly complex in nature, the CAU will refer the application to an independent panel known as the Transport Special Cases Consideration Panel (the panel).

The panel is convened by the department’s chief finance officer. Representation on the panel includes members from the Student Transport and Allowances Branch, practising principals, a representative from the department’s Wellbeing Health and Engagement Division, and a representative from PTV.

The panel meets each month during Term 1 and at least once per term thereafter. Prior to a panel hearing, the CAU may seek further advice from the lodging government school’s regional director. The student’s application must include applicable supporting documentation such as recommendations from school’s student support group, and any individual education plan, behaviour support plans or other student support plans.

Incomplete applications will not be processed; the STU will contact the lodging school and request further information prior to submission of the case to the panel.

Transport assistance is not available to a student until such time as the panel meets and considers their application.

All recommendations of the panel are forwarded to the department’s Deputy Secretary, Financial Policy and Information Services Group, for approval.

The panel informs schools of its decision approximately three weeks after the panel meets.

Schools must inform families of the panel’s decision.

Application closure dates and panel sitting dates

In 2023, applications for appeals and special consideration, and the corresponding panel sitting dates, are as follows.

Term in which application considered Application closing date Panel sitting date
Term 1 2023 16 December 2022 10 January 2023
Term 1 2023 20 January 2023 14 February 2023
Term 1 2023 17 February 2023 14 March 2023
Term 2 2023 28 April 2023 23 May 2023
Term 3 2023 30 June 2023 25 July 2023
Term 3 2023 11 August 2023 5 September 2023
Term 4 2023 20 October 2023 14 November 2023

Conditions of special case approval

The following applies to special case approval:

  • Special case approval is limited to the student and transport service involved in the application.
  • Special case approval will cease if the student moves residential address, changes school or transport mode, unless the student meets eligibility requirements following the change.
  • Special case approval is not automatic. Each case will be considered on merit with reference to the transport infrastructure in the area.
Guidance chapter on how families may apply for special case consideration or appeal a transport decision

Reviewed 01 December 2022

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