Setting expectations

The Regional Director is responsible for the contract renewal process. The Regional Director (or nominee) will meet with the principal following their appointment to outline:

  • the expectations of the principal during the life of their contract, including advice on the specific qualities and capabilities they should focus on developing and the role they should play in the region and network to which they belong
  • the nature and extent of support the principal will receive from the Regional Director, and the regional team
  • the review process to be used throughout the contract period and how the decision about contract renewal will be made. This will include the extent to which it will be based on the achievement of agreed targets in the school’s strategic plan and the outcomes of the principal performance and development cycle, and
  • the structure, the purpose and the terms of reference of the contract renewal process
Chapter of the Principal Contract Renewal Guidelines explaining the Regional Director role in contract renewal process

Reviewed 10 June 2020

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