Roles and responsibilities

Regional Director

  • To clarify the expectations of principals in their leadership role and to identify processes and structures and the resources that will support the performance and development of all principals in the region.
  • To ensure that their nominee(s) effectively manages the contract renewal process for principals in the Region.
  • To reach agreement or otherwise that a principal’s contract is to be renewed.
  • To meet with the principal to confirm the contract renewal outcome.
  • Advise the school council president of the contract renewal outcome as soon as possible after the principal is informed of that outcome.

Regional Director’s nominee

  • To work with the principal to develop an agreed performance and development plan that takes account of the relevant school context and the implications this has for the principal’s performance goals.
  • To maintain regular contact with the principal to engage in constructive dialogue about performance and to ensure that the appropriate resources are identified to support their development and the school’s improvement priorities.
  • To develop an agreed understanding with the principal about the data that will be used to make judgments about the principal’s performance and their learning and development needs over the contract period.
  • To inform School Council Presidents of their role and responsibilities in the contract renewal process.

School council

  • To actively participate in the construction of the school’s strategic plan and the annual implementation plan consistent with these planning frameworks.
  • To provide feedback through the School Council President to the Regional Director on the principal’s contribution to the implementation of the school’s strategic plan.
  • To participate in any training session provided by the region as part of the principal contract renewal process.


  • To satisfy their school leadership responsibilities in accordance with their Role and Accountability Statement.
  • To engage in regular dialogue about their performance and development with their Regional Director (or nominee) and respond appropriately to the feedback that is provided.
  • To establish a productive working relationship with the School Council President and the Council so that all matters relating to the performance of the school can be constructively discussed.
  • To work with the Regional Director (or nominee) to identify all of the factors that impact on the performance of the school.
  • To reach agreement with the Regional Director (or nominee) on the nature of support the region will provide over the course of the contract period.
  • To use collegiate groups as appropriate and receive and provide feedback on each other’s plans and their implementation.
  • To reach agreement or otherwise with the Regional Director in relation to contract renewal.
Chapter of the Principal Contract Renewal Guidelines explaining roles in the process including that of school council

Reviewed 10 June 2020

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