Guiding principles

The contract renewal process is predicated on a set of guiding principles that protects the rights and interests of principals. These principles will also ensure that the integrity of the process is maintained and will result in improved system performance.

The 7 principles on which the process is based are:

  • fairness
  • confidentiality
  • transparency
  • multiple data sources
  • balance of interests
  • feedback and support
  • honesty

Procedural fairness

  • The procedures adopted will be fair to all who are involved. Principals will receive all essential information in advance so they are adequately prepared for the process, will be judged according to evidence and provided with timely and accurate feedback throughout.


  • Information gained or shared through the process will be confidential to the parties to the contract renewal process.


  • The criteria for decision making will be clearly articulated.

The use of multiple sources of data

  • The process will elicit a range of evidence related to principals’ performance and development and contract renewal.

A balance of interests

  • The legitimate interests of the Department as employer and the school community will be represented in the process.

Ongoing feedback and support

  • The Regional Director (or nominee) together with the principal will design and implement processes that support improved principal performance and development for the life of the contract, with ongoing feedback throughout.


  • Principals should be confident that any issues of concern will be raised promptly during the contract period so the opportunity exists to work through these at the time with the support of the Regional Director (or nominee), and the School Council President as required.
Chapter of the Principal Contract Renewal Guidelines setting out the 7 guiding principles in the process

Reviewed 10 June 2020

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