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Annual Report to the School Community

Access to SPOT for school council presidents

If a school council president is experiencing difficulties attesting the Annual Report in the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)External Link (staff login required), schools can refer to the following.

  • Ensure the school council president can log in to SPOT with their @education email and password. This email account is managed at the school level, similar to those of school-based staff. For instructions on how to update your school council president’s password please refer to the Update School Council President Account document (DOCX)External Link (staff login required), noting that the same eduMail rules apply for @education email management.
  • Once in SPOT, check the principal attestation has been completed by accessing the ‘Attest and view report’ tab. If completed, principal attestation will show the principal’s name and the date and time of submission.
  • School council president attestation can only occur when the school council president is logged into SPOT on their own account. If the school council president is using the principal’s computer, SPOT may have automatically logged on via the principal’s account. Try using another device or entering private browsing mode on your web browser to enable the school council president to log in correctly.
  • If these steps are completed and they still cannot see the Annual Report, please contact SPOT support by clicking the ‘Report an issue’ button on SPOT.
Includes information for school council presidents experiencing difficulties attesting the Annual Report in SPOT

Reviewed 25 February 2024

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