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Annual Report to the School Community

Sharing the Annual Report with the school community

Schools will receive an email notification from SPOT that their Annual Report has either not been selected for quality assurance or has passed quality assurance and their final Annual Report can be shared.

Once schools receive this notification, they can download the final Annual Report from the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)External Link (staff login required) in the ‘Attest and view report’ tab.

The final, fully attested Annual Report must be shared with the school community via a public meeting of the school council. It is recommended that the public reporting meeting takes place at the start of Term 3.

The Annual Report will be published by the VRQA on their State Register. It is also recommended that schools upload their Annual Report to the public section of their school website.

Includes information on sharing the Annual Report with the school community

Reviewed 25 February 2024

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