Quality assurance

Each year the department quality assures a random sample of Annual Reports to ensure they meet quality standards.

To meet quality standards, Annual Reports must:

  • provide commentary on the schools’ progress towards their strategic goals
  • be written in a clear and succinct narrative style accessible to the school community
  • be written for a public audience
  • omit individual staff and contractor names, for privacy reasons
  • contain minimal spelling and grammatical errors
  • include a school logo.

Schools will receive an automatic email from the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)External Link (staff login required) to let them know when they have passed quality assurance, if any action is required to meet quality assurance standards, or if they have not been selected for quality assurance.

Where a schools’ Annual Report does not meet quality standards, it will be returned to the school with feedback through the SPOT platform. Schools can check the quality assurance status of their Annual Report in SPOT, by clicking on the ‘Quality assurance’ tab in the Annual Report and looking under the ‘Quality assurance status’ and ‘Quality assurance timeline’ headings.

Once a school has been notified that they have not been selected for quality assurance, or have passed quality assurance, the Annual Report can be shared with the school community.

Includes information on what annual reports must contain to meet quality standards

Reviewed 27 February 2023

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