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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Including septic tanks and treatment systems for wastewater

Emergency management

The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) make-safe program assists schools that have sustained damage through an incident or event, where that damage presents an immediate health and safety concern for students, staff and/or the community.

Make-safe works eliminate the risk of immediate hazards resulting from the incident or event.

If your school needs emergency make-safe provisions, contact the VSBA make-safe service provider on 1300 133 468.

In the event of an incident or emergency that causes harm or creates risk of harm to a student or employee, schools are required to report the incident as per the steps outlined in the Managing and Reporting School Incidents (Including Emergencies) Policy.

Refer to the Buildings and Grounds Maintenance and Compliance Policy for more information on the make-safe program.

Includes information on the VSBA's make-safe program

Reviewed 09 January 2023

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