School operations

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Including septic tanks and treatment systems for wastewater

Support for schools

Annual Contracts team

The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) supports schools to meet their mandatory compliance obligations through the work of the School Asset Assessments Unit (SAAU) which supports schools with managing their annual contracts.

The VSBA Annual Contracts team has been established within SAAU to support schools directly with guidance and support and can be contacted at and 03 7022 5800.

Routine maintenance funding

Schools should fund their on-site wastewater management system (OWMS) responsibilities from their Student Resource Package (SRP) funding.

The annual contracts and essential safety measures funding line includes an allocation to schools for inspection and servicing of sewage and water treatments as specified under SRP Guide Reference 36.

The maintenance and minor works funding line is allocated to schools to meet costs associated with repairs and maintenance.

Maintenance items related to OWMS should be included in school maintenance plans.

Emergency maintenance funding

In some situations where a school has insufficient funds for critical repairs costing $5,000 or more, they may apply for assistance through the VSBA’s emergency maintenance program. For more information, refer to the Guidance tab of the Buildings and Grounds Maintenance and Compliance Policy.

Local Government Authorities

Schools are encouraged to contact their municipality health and environment officers who can provide OWMS support and advice.

Contract your local councilExternal Link for more information.

Environment Protection Authority

Schools may contact the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) on 1300 372 842 for OWMS advice.

Department of Health

Schools may contact the Department of Health on 1300 651 160 for support and advice to ensure that illness is not spread to the school community from an OWMS.

Includes the contact details of supports for schools

Reviewed 11 January 2023

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