School operations

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Including septic tanks and treatment systems for wastewater


If there is a system defect, the local council must be notified electronically or in writing. The notification must contain information about how risks will be mitigated and how defects will be resolved. Schools should keep track of all LGA defect notifications and upload them into the Asset Information Management System (AIMS) as a compliance record.

An eduSafe Plus or ISOC report must also be generated if any defects are discovered in your school's on-site wastewater system, depending on the severity and impact of the defect. Refer to the Managing and Reporting School Incidents (Including Emergencies) Policy for more information about reporting and managing school incidents.

Additionally, it is a school’s responsibility to identify, record, and address system defects in AIMS to rectify the defects.

Includes information on steps for schools to take if there is an on-site wastewater management system defect

Reviewed 09 January 2023

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