Monitoring requirements

Schools are required to:

  • record tutors on eduPay using the TLI code: 80026. Note that if tutors are being appointed from the school’s existing staff, their tutoring FTE must be re-coded to the TLI code: 80026 using a General Ledger (GL) override on eduPay. Refer to eduPay General Ledger Overrides (PDF)External Link (staff login required) and 2022 Business Manager WebinarExternal Link (timestamp: 9:48 minutes to 12:40 minutes). For further assistance refer to the eduPay User GuidesExternal Link (staff login required)
  • record and update students identified for TLI support by adding TLI tags on CASES21
  • utilise an approved template for tutors to record students’ learning goals
  • complete implementation surveys.

Schools may be asked to participate in the evaluation of TLI to inform and improve implementation, and to provide evidence of the effectiveness of the initiative.

To monitor implementation of TLI, it is recommended schools use the TLI continua of practice (DOCX)External Link .

Includes information on monitoring requirements for schools

Reviewed 12 February 2024

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