Schools should measure student attainment using a standardised assessment tool at the commencement and the conclusion of the year in which students participate in tutor learning.

Schools are strongly encouraged to use the Adaptive PAT-R (Reading) and Adaptive PAT-M (Mathematics) assessments which are free to government schools in 2024 and can be accessed via the PAT Online Assessment and Reporting System (OARS)External Link .

Other high-quality standardised assessment tools recommended for use in the TLI include:

The National Numeracy Learning ProgressionsExternal Link and National Literacy Learning ProgressionsExternal Link are also useful resources to map student's developmental progress.

ACER statewide licence

Schools with existing state-wide accounts in 2023 will have their access automatically renewed fo 2024. Government schools who have not yet signed up to access the free PAT state-wide licence, can sign up at PAT Statewide Licence – Opt-InExternal Link .

By participating in this license arrangement, you agree to ACER sharing with the department’s Performance and Evaluation Division your school’s student level assessment data, to support evaluation of programs such as the Tutor Learning Initiative.

The adaptive PAT-R and adaptive PAT-M are usually used to compare learning growth over a time interval of 9 to 12 months.

English Online Interview and Mathematics Online Interview

Primary schools are also strongly encouraged to consider having tutors complete the EOI and MOI assessments for TLI students in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 before commencing tutoring and again in Term 4.

It is recommended that a different EOI module is used to assess students for a second time in Term 4 because each module uses different reading texts and asks different questions.

The recommended EOI modules for each year level and term are as follows:

Year levelTerm 1 2024Term 4 2024
Start of Foundation yearModule 1Module 2
Start of Year 1Module 2Module 3
Start of Year 2Module 3Module 4

Teachers have the flexibility to choose the most appropriate module for their students. This decision should be made balancing the recommendations above with the particular needs of the individual student, with consideration given to the range of difficulty of the tasks and questions in each module.

Includes information on measuring student attainment

Reviewed 12 February 2024

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