5 Operation

The principal/principal nominee will ensure the parent/carer(s) have access to this guidance, the Program for Students with Disabilities operational guidelines for schools, the Disability Inclusion Profile and Funding and Support guidance, and related school policy documents concerning the education of students with disability. This will assist the parent/carer(s) to participate fully in the process.

5.1 Meetings

Sufficient time must be allowed for the SSG participants to prepare before meetings are convened, including time for the parent/carer(s) and the parent/carer(s)' advocate to meet. Meetings should be arranged at times that enable all members to be present.

SSG meetings should be convened on a regular basis (at least once per term) and as soon as practicable following a request by an SSG member.

The principal/principal nominee needs to ensure that efficient and effective meeting arrangements are in place. Refer to Student Support Group Sample 1 and Sample 2 in Resources.

The principal/ principal nominee will ensure that meeting minutes are taken, including key actions and timelines and that minutes are distributed to SSG members in a timely manner.

5.2 Concerns

Concerns regarding the process used by the SSG or the management of resources by the school should be resolved, if possible, with the principal. If the issue(s) cannot be resolved at the school level, the concern should be forwarded in writing to the school’s Regional Director. For Regional contact details refer to Office locationsExternal Link .

For information on the department’s policy and guidelines regarding complaints, refer to Parent Complaints.

Guidance chapter on operational matters relating to Student Support Groups, including guidance on meetings and raising concerns

Reviewed 30 November 2022

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