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P-12 Complexity Allowance (Reference 38)

Approved P-12 colleges (with a full cohort) receive an Administration Complexity Allowance, which recognises the additional complexity involved in managing a P-12 setting. The allowance, which is based on the Principal Classification Budget (PCB), is allocated as credit. The P-12 Complexity Allowance is not included for the purpose of determining the PCB.


Schools with the following school types are eligible for P-12 Complexity funding at school level:

  • Primary/secondary combined
  • Special*.

Funding is calculated at the Indicative, Confirmed and Revised cycles, funding is allocated through credit funding.

Rates 2022

Administration Complexity Allowance ($) Principal Classification Budget (PCB) ($)
28,839 <1,553,113
57,666 1,553,114 to ​3,623,933
86,495 3,623,934 to ​9,020,002
115,335 >9,020,002

Note: PCB ranges for allocating this allowance will be done during the confirmed and revised budget cycles. PCB Ranges are outlined at Career Structure — Teaching Service.

*The following special schools are eligible for this allowance: Yarra Me School, The Austin School, Travancore School and Avenues Education.

Reference 38 of the SRP Guide, providing information on the P-12 complexity allowance including rates

Reviewed 16 January 2022

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