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MARC/MACC Teachers (Reference 40)

The allocation for Mobile Area Resource Centre (MARC) and the Mobile Art Craft Centre (MACC) Program is based on a teacher FTE and the funding rates are all-inclusive for salaries and related on-costs.

MARC/MACC services enable small rural and regional schools to provide students with access to a broader range of texts and educational resources. MARC services provide literacy-based programs while MACC services provide art-based programs.

MARC/MACC teachers work collaboratively with serviced schools to increase opportunities for students and, improve learning outcomes and engagement in relevant curriculum areas.


  • provide fair and equitable service coverage to small rural and regional schools
  • provide access to high quality resources to support student learning
  • support and enrich teaching programs aligned to the Victorian Curriculum
  • deliver high quality programs aligned to the goals and priorities set by the Committees of Management (CoM)
  • participate in collaborative learning communities within and across the MARC/MACC school clusters.

Eligibility for MARC/MACC services

The MARC/MACC program focus is on small rural and regional schools. MARC/MACC eligibility is generally targeted at schools with fewer than 100 primary level (F-6 or equivalent) enrolments.

It is recommended that serviced schools are within 100km of a base school to maximise the amount of time MARC/MACC teachers spend at schools and minimise the time spent travelling between schools.

Enquiries related to service eligibility, including the request to commence a new or terminate a MARC/MACC service and provision should be raised by the CoM with the regional Service Support Manager.

Central and regional offices

The Targeted School Services Unit (TSSU) within the School Operations and Statewide Services Division provides oversight of the MARC/MACC program including an annual review of the Guidelines.

A designated Service Support Manager is located in each of the Department’s 4 regions to provide operational oversight over the implementation of the Guidelines.

The key responsibilities of the Service Support Manager include:

  • being a contact point for the CoM
  • seeking approval for commencing and ceasing MARC/MACC services from the Area Executive Director (AED), at the request of the CoM
  • receiving annual reports submitted by each CoM
  • maintaining databases of MARC/MACC base and serviced schools
  • obtaining requests for van replacements made by base school principals
  • identifying networking opportunities for MARC/MACC teachers.

Base schools

Base schools are responsible for employing MARC/MACC teachers. Base school principals are responsible for MARC/MACC teachers in the same manner as other teachers employed at their school, including approving the MARC/MACC teachers’ hours of duty in line with the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022 and the allocation of non-teaching/planning time for the year.

Base school principals are also responsible for overseeing the delivery of services and are accountable for the service budget.

Funding is calculated at the Indicative cycle and may be updated at the Confirmed cycle if advice is provided by the region. Funding is allocated through credit funding.

Rates 2024

Rate per FTE: Credit $135,983

This rate is based on Classroom Teacher Level 2 Range 6 salary plus school on-costs (superannuation and payroll tax).

Reference 40 of the SRP Guide, providing information on MARC/MACC teachers, science and technology and school restructure funding including rates

Reviewed 31 December 2023

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