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Designated Bilingual Programs (Reference 124)

The Designated Bilingual Program (DBP) provides annual funding to support the delivery of bilingual education across a select number of government bilingual schools, through face-to-face teaching in the target language to 100% of students for a minimum of 30% (7.5 hours) and up to 50% (12.5 hours) per week.

The DBP is managed by the Learning and Teaching Division.


Schools with the following school types are included in the DBP:

  • Primary.

Subject to Ministerial approval and the availability of resources, the Department may provide an opportunity for a new school to enter the DBP. This involves a targeted Expression of Interest (EOI) process to a small number of schools who can demonstrate existing, strong language programs, such as highly successful Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) programs, and that have strong community support. Applicant schools need to articulate an evidence-based pathway toward achieving 100% student participation in a bilingual program, with instruction time in the target language to be offered for a minimum of 30% (7.5 hours) per week and ranging through to an aspirational target of 50% (12.5 hours).


Funding is calculated at the Confirmed budget cycle, and further updates at the Revised cycle if required. Funding is allocated through credit funding.

Funding is per capita and based on all students being offered a bilingual education for a minimum of 30% (7.5 hours) and up to 50% (12.5 hours) of bilingual instruction in the target language per week, with funding scaled accordingly based on the DBP funding and operating model.


Allocations to DBP schools include a 30% cash component.

Reference 124 of the SRP Guide, providing information on Designated Bilingual Program grants

Reviewed 17 January 2022

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