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MARC/MACC Grant (Reference 46)

The total budget for MARC/MACC services includes a credit allocation for the teacher undertaking MARC/MACC duties (refer to Reference 40) and a cash grant provided to the host school. The cash grant funding incorporates provision for vehicle maintenance, running costs, cab/chassis replacement, insurance and registration.

A MARC ‘box’ replacement program has been introduced and administered by regional offices. Any enquiries concerning ‘box’ replacement should be directed to your regional finance officer. All MARC/MACC allocations are administered through the regions.

Funding is calculated at the Indicative cycle and may be updated at the Confirmed cycle.

Rates 2022

Entitlement for each van type

Maintenance and Running Costs $34.32 cents per km $34.32 cents per km
Registration and Insurance $1,473.39 per annum $1,473.39 per annum
Replacement $7,549.59 per annum $2,834.49 per annum
Casual Clerical Hours $5,081 per annum $5,081 per annum
Reference 46 of the SRP Guide, providing information on the MARC/MACC grant including rates

Reviewed 17 January 2022

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