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Maintenance and Minor Works (Reference 35)

Maintenance and Minor Works (MMW) Student Resource Package (SRP) funding is provided to eligible schools to undertake proactive maintenance of their buildings, using all available information, including the condition assessments from the Rolling Facilities Evaluation (RFE).

It is vital that schools use their MMW allocation for the ongoing maintenance of facilities, to prevent asset degradation and potential health and safety issues. All schools are required to develop and maintain a 5-year School Maintenance Plan to help budget, schedule and manage the maintenance of their buildings and grounds.

For further information, refer to the School Maintenance Plan Policy, access your plan using the Asset Information Management System (AIMS)External Link (login required) or contact or 03 7022 2212 for additional support.


  • Eligible schools are those with open or pending campuses.
  • Ineligible schools are those due to close, closed, with unstaffed campuses and Public-Private Partnership Schools.
  • Eligible assets are defined as permanent or relocatable curriculum buildings, permanent trade training centres and curriculum covered ways.
  • Ineligible buildings are non-curriculum buildings, early childhood centre buildings, houses, outbuildings and shade sails.
  • Buildings and spaces recorded as ‘no entitlement’ are excluded from this calculation. Spaces are typically recorded as ‘no entitlement’ if they were not originally constructed by the department and are in excess to a school’s allocated facility area. For more detail on area allocation and excess space, refer to Capacity and Area Allocation.

Rates and calculation

In 2023 the Victorian School Building Authority revised the calculation methodology for Maintenance SRP funding to reflect an improved understanding of the asset base and maintenance needs.

MMW funding calculations are now completed in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Maintenance rates are applied to eligible buildings on eligible campuses
  • Step 2: Cost modifiers are applied (where applicable)
  • Step 3: School allocation is adjusted

Step 1: Maintenance rates applied

Initial campus allocation = Area of eligible assets (m2) × Building rate schedule

The area (m2) of curriculum buildings, trade training centre buildings and curriculum covered ways on a school sites are multiplied by the rates of the type of works the specific asset requires. The rates, tailored by building type, are provided below.

Building rates schedule 2023
Building use Building function Rates applied (Permanent) Rates applied (Relocatable)
Building Curriculum $29.85 $39.56
Building Trade/training centre $29.85 Not applicable
Covered way-open Curriculum $4.08 $4.08

Step 2: Modifiers applied

Modified campus allocation = Initial campus allocation + Applicable modifiers (% or $)

Cost modifiers are then applied to the maintenance rates developed in Step 1. These modifiers reflect specific conditions of a building or site which increase the cost of maintenance. Applicable modifiers, with allowances, are provided below.

Building modifier schedule 2023
Modifier Modifier level Modifier %* Modifier ($)*
Building age (scaled) Building 5 to 20% Not applicable
Buildings in poor condition Building 20% Not applicable
Heritage Building 20% Not applicable
Multi-story buildings Building Not applicable $500 to $750
Location – regional Campus 20% Not applicable
Location – rural Campus 25% Not applicable
STEM facilities Campus 1% Not applicable
Specialist schools Campus 15% Not applicable
Hydro pools – special schools Campus Not applicable $8,500
Lifts – passenger** Campus Not applicable $5,571.43
Lifts – chair** Campus Not applicable $1,600
Water treatment tlant Campus Not applicable $37,200

*As applicable
**This covers the ongoing maintenance of lifts, noting that lift inspections are covered through the Annual Contracts allocation)

Step 3: School allocation adjusted

Final school allocation = All school allocations proportionately adjusted to total available yearly MMW budget (Sum of campus allocations (Modified campus allocation × Excess space weighting %, if applicable + Minimum allocation, if applicable))

To calculate a per school allocation:

  • The building-level maintenance allocations from Step 2 are then added to produce an overall maintenance allocation for each campus.
  • Campus allocations are then scaled for excess space (space in excess to a school’s allocated facility area) – except for Supported Inclusion Schools and new schools opened within 5 years where this scaling does not apply.
  • For more detail on excess space, see Capacity and Area Allocation.
  • All campus allocations are then proportionally adjusted to meet the overall maintenance budget available for that year and for all eligible schools to receive a set minimum allocation to cover basic operating costs (2023 minimum allocation = $3,800).
  • Where multi-campus, the school’s allocation is the sum of all individual campus allocations.

Payments to schools

The Student Resource Package Maintenance and Minor Works (MMW) allocation is paid on a quarterly basis as part of the SRP budget cash grant.

Changes to a school’s MMW funding allocation between calendar years and/or between Indicative and Confirmed allocations may have occurred due to:

  • changes to building data
  • changes to enrolment
  • changes in relocatable buildings
  • changes in the state-wide maintenance budget.

Reporting in CASES21

MMW SRP maintenance expenditure should be allocated in CASES21 to:

  • Sub Program Code: 6201 – Maintenance and Minor Works
  • General Ledger Account Code: 86504 – Building Works

The exception is where Victorian School Building Authority provides additional funding:

  • through the Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) targeted to address Priority One and Two defects identified by the RFE
  • for ongoing and one-off funding including through the Accessible Buildings Program (ABP), Safe Trees Program, Inclusions Schools Fund (ISF), Emergency Maintenance Program (EMP) or Bushfire Preparedness (Vegetation) Program (BPVP).

For this additional funding, related expenditure should be allocated in CASES21 to:

  • Sub Program Code: 6222 – Maintenance Programs
  • General Ledger Account Code: 86504 – Building Works
Reference 35 of the SRP Guide, providing information on maintenance funding including the formula for funding distributions

Reviewed 05 April 2023

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