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Cross Infection Prevention Allowance (Reference 29)

Additional cleaning funds are provided to special developmental schools and physical disability special schools to reduce the risk of cross infection.

Expenditure should be allocated in CASES21 to the following:

  • Sub Program Code: 6001 – Building Services and Utilities
  • General Ledger Account Code: 86502 – Contract Cleaning.


Schools with the following campus types are eligible for Cross Infection Prevention Allowance at campus level:

  • Special development
  • Disability
  • Day Special
  • Special.

Funding is calculated at the Indicative, Confirmed and Revised cycles. Funding is allocated through cash funding.

Rates 2023

A flat rate is provided for eligible schools: $13,762

Reference 29 of the SRP Guide, providing information on cross infection prevention allowance including funding rates

Reviewed 02 January 2023

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