Employees with priority or redeployment status

School staffing policy seeks to balance the obligation to select staff through open merit-based processes with the legitimate expectations of employees with priority status (those who are excess to workplace requirements, have compassionate transfer status or are disability retirement benefits pensioners found fit for employment) to be placed into a suitable position.

An employee with priority status who is an applicant for an advertised vacancy at or below their current classification level and salary range must be interviewed and considered on merit against other applicants in accordance with the selection procedures set out in this Guide.

Redeployment entitlement — education support class employees

An education support class employee who is employed:

  • for longer than 12 months in two or more fixed periods of employment where the break between periods of employment is not more than 3 weeks, excluding school vacation periods or
  • in a position specifically linked to Student Support Funding who has been given notice of cessation of employment within the first 7 years of employment

is entitled to be considered for redeployment to vacancies at or below their classification level and salary range for a period of 12 weeks immediately prior to the expiration of their period of employment.

An education support class employee entitled to redeployment must be interviewed for any position for which they are an applicant and compete on merit against other applicants. The redeployment entitlement ceases at the end of the employee’s period of employment.

It should be noted that education support class employees entitled to redeployment are not identified as excess.

Chapter about employees with priority or redeployment status

Reviewed 21 June 2023

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