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(Last updated 30 September 2022)

On employment in an ongoing position it is expected that a person who is not an ongoing employee will be subject to a period of probation.

The purpose of the probationary period is to ascertain whether the conduct and work performance of the employee meet the standard expected of employees in the teaching service in Victorian government schools before the full rights and responsibilities of ongoing employment are confirmed. Probation also provides support and feedback to an employee in the first year of ongoing employment and complements the induction process.

Clause 9.6.1 of Ministerial Order 1388 provides that, unless otherwise approved by the delegate, the employment of a person who is not an ongoing employee to an ongoing position in the teaching service will be subject to a period of probation. A person remains a probationer until their employment is confirmed or annulled in accordance with the Department’s Probation Guidelines — Teaching Service.

On employment to an ongoing teaching service position, a 12 month period of probation is required to be served by principals, assistant principals and teachers and a 6 month period for education support class employees. The probationary period for an employee who has at least 12 months service with the employer in the previous 24 months, including any period of fixed term employment, will be up to 6 months for a teacher or 3 months in respect of an education support class employee.

The offer of employment is to indicate whether a probationary period is required, including the duration of the probationary period where one is required. A probationary period is not required in respect of the transfer or promotion of an existing ongoing teaching service employee or where a person is employed fixed term or on a casual basis.

For comprehensive policy and information concerning probation, refer to the Probation Guidelines — Teaching Service in the Policy and Guidelines tab which cover the following areas:

  • Introduction
  • Probationary process
  • Probation and registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • Salary progression and probation
  • Leave while on probation

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