Salary progression and probation

In order to minimise the duplication of processes a person is not required to participate in the normal performance and development processes during the probationary period. A successful probationary assessment meets the performance and development requirements for that period of the performance and development cycle. The normal performance and development process will commence at the conclusion of a successful probation period for the remainder of that performance and development cycle or the next cycle depending on the length of the probationary period.

Where an employee is eligible for salary progression prior to the conclusion of a probationary period an assessment should be done as to whether they have met the required standard of performance within the context of their probationary period.

Where any prior fixed term employment during the current performance cycle was not at the employee’s current school, the principal should consult with the principal(s) of the other school(s) regarding the employee’s performance.

Where the performance of an employee makes it probable that the probationary period will not be completed satisfactorily and the employee is otherwise eligible for salary progression, the employee must be notified prior to 1 March in accordance with the notification requirements of the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022.

Policy and guidance for Salary progression and probation

Reviewed 27 October 2022

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